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Knitting Introduction Course

This section includes materials for a one semester introductory knitting course I put together for the Galloway Township Community Education Program in 1983 when I lived in Absecon NJ. The intention was to try various techniques in class using practice swatches, then apply them to projects at home between classes.

In addition to the handouts, I used materials from the American Wool Council and American Sheep Producers Council, Inc., in particular the Basic Stitches in Knitting booklet and a list of suppliers of 100% domestic wool yarn.

If you are beginning to knit, try following along in the order of the schedule. The course is designed to start with small projects and work up to larger projects. I did it this way so that people could stop with a hat or scarf or whenever they got to the point that met their needs.

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It was interesting to look at what I did over twenty years ago and although I have pretty much preserved it in the original form, I have added material and [marked it like this] where I feel it was appropriate and added scans and photographs. Enjoy!


Week # Topic Materials and tools
1 Introduction
Fibers, yarn and tools
2 Garter stitch Yarn, needles, tapestry needle
3 no class  
4 Circular knitting: socks and mittens Set of 4 sock needles, yarn, tapestry needle
5 Circular knitting, continued Same as week 4
6 Aran Patterns: Cap Needles: 16" circular needle, sock needles, cable needle, tapestry needle, 4 to 6 ounces of smooth, light-colored wool yarn
7 Color Patterns: Ski cap 16" circular needle, sock needles, tapestry needle, 4 to 8 ounces knitting worsted yarn in several colors
8 Pullover sweater or vest 16" and 24" circular needles, sock needles, tapestry needle, wool yarn: Toddler - 8 oz, Child - 12 to 16 oz, Small adult - 16 to 24 oz, Large adult - 24 to 32 oz
9 no class  
10 Finishing sweater, care of woolens. Same as week 8

Recommended books

Check for these at your local library, knit shop, bookstore, or they can be mail ordered.

[Fortunately both Knitting Without Tears and Mary Thomas's Knitting Book are still available on if you can't find copies locally.]

Mary Thomas's Knitting Book

Dover Publications
180 Varick St.
New York NY 10014

A definitive beginners book since 1938.

Knitting Without Tears, Elizabeth Zimmerman

Scribners, 1971.

The opinionated knitter, very practical and fun to read.

[Although Elizabeth Zimmerman passed away in November 1999, her daughter Meg Swanson still runs Schoolhouse Press, their mail order business which carries almost anything a hand knitter would need.]