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Dark Chocolate Diamonds Cloche Hat - 2004

girl with doll in brown hat

I knit this hat on No. 1 needles in super soft fingering weight wool. It weighs only 2 ounces despite being two layers. I knit it in the round starting from the inside with a crocheted ring, increased with openwork, then knit in stockinette with two rings of purl diamonds, a typical Guernsey pattern, for decoration. The top is decreased on four points until it got too small for the 16 inch circular needles when I switched to four double points. The bottom edge is the fold line for the hat. The unfolded hat dries quicker than a hat of similar thickness in one layer.

I like to wear this kind of hat in mildly cold weather or under a parka hood for more severe weather. Its lightness and small size allows it to be tucked into a pocket or pack in case of weather changes.

It is difficult to reproduce the dark color accurately and still see details.

Hat photo - folded