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Casting on

I have started journals, diaries, and blogs many times before, each time stopping when I got depressed by what I was writing. Living through it once was more than enough! So, will see how this goes. There is probably hope now as the pages I have set up so far seem to turn into blogs all on their own.

18 May 2004 - getting started

19 May 2004 - the cuffs

20 May 2004 - heading for the ankle

21 May 2004 - knit knit knit

22 May 2004 - approaching the heel

23 May 2004 - making the heel flap

24 May 2004 - a break of sorts

25 May 2004 - turning the heel and shaping the instep

26 May 2004 - shaping the instep

27 May 2004 - knitting toward the toe

28 May 2004 - toe shaping

Short break

2 June 2004 - closing the toe

3 June 2004 - finishing and washing

4 June 2004 - done!

Finished socks


Regrettably the link for Socks 101 seems to have disappeared from the web as of January 2010 however the owner is currently running a blog at The link for Venerable stocking pattern is still available through the Wayback Machine.

For several years I have been thinking of how close writing programs is to writing procedures such as knitting directions. Perl is my current favorite programming language, so I was very pleased to find someone else who realized the potential:

Elizabeth Bennett's Perl program for calculating sock patterns

Here is another on-line sock calculation site: The Sock Calculator

These sites provide a number of free sock knitting patterns.

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