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Scans of doily

Before (left) and after (right) blocking.

Fan Doilies No. 751

Crochet for your Home
Book 67
The Spool Cotton Company

Source: Formerly found at, look for this in Celt's Vintage Crochet Yahoo! group.

Completed 3 March 2004 in size 30 Clark's Big Ball 3 cord mercerized white crochet thread using a Boye size 10 steel hook. Doily is 8 1/2 inches across when blocked.

The double picture was made with Photoshop using separate scans. The thread had yellowed with storage, but it brightened up considerably when washed.

I am still figuring out how to make the flower motifs inside the mesh in this doily. This detail shows that one of the petals has four instead of three strands in the cluster and the chain that forms the mesh around it is missing. This is a pretty doily, but the directions for the smaller doily shown and the larger doily (which I haven't been able to complete after three tries) are challenging.

Fan Doily - 2nd variation thumbnail

This is the center of the larger doily which I finished on March 17, 2004. I had more trouble with the double treble clusters in the center than for the doily above, still like the fan design though.

I repeated the mesh row then ended with a border of 2 single crochets in each space 4 times, then a chain 4. I inserted pins in the loops to block it, which is why they form points.

This is one of those designs I will set aside for now with hopes of coming back to it.