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Laurel glass doily scan

Laurel Luncheon Doily Set

Coat's & Clark pattern

Crocheting Placemats, Rita Weiss, ed.
Dover Publications, New York, 1987
ISBN 78-56777

The glass doily is the smallest one in the luncheon set, not quite 7 inches across when blocked with pins in the points (about 6 inches when not stretched). I used Coats Big Ball 3 cord white, size 20 with a vintage No. 10 Boye crochet hook. Finished 20 July 2004.

Very open pattern. Fairly easy, the most challenging part being the double treble ring of petals and stitching into chains. Next time around, I would enlarge the chain stitches that are to take the stitches in the next row. As it was, I put the single crochet over the entire chain for the last two rows and relied on blocking for shaping.

Scan of bread and butter plate doily

Here is a scan of the matching bread and butter plate doily, which I worked on July 29-30, 2004. This seemed to go easier. It was almost 9 inches across when blocked.

It starts like the glass doily, but at the petal row, a longer chain is used. Two new rows are then made and the doily is finished with an edging similar to the glass doily.

Doilies in three sizes

A set of three sizes: glass, bread and butter plate, and place sizes. I worked on the place doily from August 5 through September 13, 2004. It was 12.5 inches across when blocked.

Starting the doily

This photograph shows starting a doily while waiting for people to show up at the September 21, 2004 Crochet Meetup. A completed glass doily, unblocked is at the bottom of the photo.

There was also a Centerpiece doily in the pattern, larger than the place doily, but I didn't make one. In all, I made two glass doilies, two bread and butter doilies, and one place doily over the summer and early autumn. I found this book in the Milwaukee Public Library. The crochet offerings on the shelves are a bit more skimpy than for other kinds of needlework.