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Wish Upon a Star doily photo Wish Upon a Star doily photo

Wish Upon a Star

Book No. 201
The Spool Cotton Company

Formerly available at, may be available on Celt's Vintage Crochet Yahoo! Group site.

My mother had some varigated Clark's O.N.T. six cord size 30 mercerized cotton that she thinks came from my grandmother. Couldn't find a color or number listed, but I would call it peach. It had been tempting me for a while, but I didn't really take time because of being busy settling in. I caught some kind of respiratory bug and needed some quiet activities, so I started on November 17 using a Boye No. 11 hook (of recent manufacture). The spool appeared to be full and the label stated it had 80 yards, but the colors must have had lower yardage than the white or ecru the pattern specified. Ran out of thread at row 20.

I liked the pattern, a fairly solid center with a decorative scalloped edge. I started over on November 18 with Southmaid in white with a Susan Bates No. 7 (1.5 mm) hook and completed the doily on November 20. It was 11 inches in diameter after washing and blocking.

Not sure what to do with the one size 30, will probably be difficult to match or find a coordinating color, so will probably unravel it and try another pattern.

If you want to make the doily in size 10 cotton, I would suggest using Knit Cro Sheen or another bedspread weight cotton thread. I had difficulty working with the Southmaid as it splits easily. The Clark's O.N.T. was a dream to work with though.