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Yarn cone

Red mittens in fingering weight yarn

Since completing the socks blog, I have made a brown hat and a couple pair of socks in neutrals. I met someone at the June 2004 Milwaukee Knitters Meetup who wants to learn how to make mittens. So here goes! I am working in bright red for a change of pace.

6 July 2004 - casting on and cuffs

10 July 2004 - starting the thumb gusset

11 July 2004 - taking off thumb stitches

12 July 2004 - knitting the hand, starting decrease

13 July 2004 - decrease done

14 July 2004 - on hold

19 September 2004 - weaving the tips shut, thumbs

20 September 2004 and following days - finishing

Gray mittens in sport weight yarn

Description and photos of a second pair of mittens made at the same time but not as a blog.


One of the appealing aspects of Elizabeth Zimmerman's writing is that she recognized two distinct kinds of knitters. She used the term blind followers to describe knitters who like to follow detailed directions written out line by line. The other tends to be more off the cuff and will follow an outline and fill in the gaps or come up with patterns of their own. I like to think I am the second kind, but I take pride in writing documentation (lab procedures, software manuals, etc.) that the first kind can follow. So, I prepared a summary of directions for both mittens in table form to accompany the verbose blog.