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Ripe Wheat doily photo center detail
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Ripe Wheat Doily

Book No. 319
Coat's & Clark's O.N.T. Doilies

Source: Formerly available at on the Celt's Vintage Crochet site. Try looking on their Yahoo! group site.

This pattern is on page 28 in Old-Fashioned Doilies to Crochet (Dover Needlework Series), Rita Weiss, editor, along with a pattern for a runner in the same pattern.


21 January 2010 -- while searching for a booklet on gloves and mittens bought last year, I came across a trove of older crochet booklets and saw the familiar Ripe Wheat doily on the cover of one.

Book No. 297, Pattern S-393, page 6
Doilies in the Modern Mannner
J. & P. Coates • Clark's O.N.T.

This version has three sizes:

  • Size 50 thread with a No. 12 hook for 13 inches diameter
  • Size 30 thread with a No. 10 hook for 15.5 inches diameter
  • Size 20 thread with a No. 9 hook for 17.5 inches diameter

Now, lets see if I can add this one to my Ravelry library.

I worked on this over a week, May 9-15, 2004 using size 20 Clark's Big Ball 3 cord mercerized white crochet thread (pattern called for size 30) with a Boye size 10 steel hook. It came out slightly over 13 inches across when blocked but not stretched.

This pattern has a lot of double treble (dtr) stitches, so good if you need to practice that. The pattern is fairly open in the center but the wheat ear motif is quite dense. The wheat ears form a 12 spoke wheel separated with lacy scallops with picot edges.

The trickiest part of following the printed pattern is determining which of the chain spaces in the scallops are considered shells in the outer rows. Fortunately the photo shows this clearly.

See the Wheat and Grape doily from Star Book 120 for a similar pattern in Size 30 thread.